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S. S. Sputum Mug

S. S. Sputum Mug
Code : USI - 2510

Description : Our stainless steel sputum mugs are used in hospitals for different purposes. These mugs are provided with fitting lids that can opened easily with the handles. The unique design of the mugs allow easy sterilization at higher temperature.

S. S. Lotion Bowl

S. S. Lotion Bowl
Code : USI - 2511

Description : Our cup shaped lotion bowls are easy to clean, and resistant to most healthcare chemicals. The bowl is graduated in millimeters for measurement of lotions poured into it.

S. S. Bed Pan - Male/ Female

S. S. Bed Pan	- Male/ Female
Code : USI - 2506

Description : Our stainless steel bed pans are completely Resistant to stains & cracks. The unique design of the pan makes it comfortable to use for patients at hospitals and home. Available in different specifications at most competitive prices.

S. S. Urinal Pot - Male/ Female

S. S. Urinal Pot - Male/ Female
Code : USI - 2507

Description : Our urinal pots are specially designed keeping the convenience of patient in mind. The design of the pot allows easily disposal of the collected urine. Made from heavy gauge stainless steel, these pots are absolutely rust free and very durable.

Formalin Chamber ( Three Trays)

Formalin Chamber ( Three Trays)
Code : USI - 2512

Description : Our three tray formalin chambers are used in various hospitals for sterilization process. These chamber effectively kills the virus and other harmful germs that may cause infection.

A-20”x8”x8” (Three Trays), B-23”x8”x8” (Three Trays),
C-26”x8”x8” (Three Trays), C-23”x12”x12” (Three Trays)

Formalin Chamber ( Two Trays)

Formalin Chamber ( Two Trays)
Code : USI - 2514

Description : Recommended for targeted de germing measures in medical practice, our formalin chambers are effective for sterilization of S.S. catheters, rubber / plastic / polymasks articles, syringes, needles, small scissors, knives and more.

Hollowware Products

Hollowware Products
Seamless Dressing Drum (S. S.) Basin (S. S.) Kidney Tray (S. S.) Instrument Tray (S. S.) Catheter Tray (S. S.) Enema Cane S.S. Sputum Mug S.S. Lotion Bowl S.S. Bed Pan (S.S.) male/female Urinal Pot (S.S.) male/female Formalin Chamber (Three Trays) Formalin Chamber (Two Trays) Cidex Tray
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